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We hear what businesses want from their outside counsel: experienced, responsive representation from attorneys who know how to solve problems efficiently.  That is what we deliver at Tydings, a Maryland law firm that has been advocating on behalf of large corporations, privately held businesses, and individuals for more than ninety years.

Our firm is home to trusted business counselors and skilled advocates.  Our size means that we are agile enough to respond quickly to clients' changing needs, yet we possess the depth of resources to handle matters of any complexity and size.

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Cards on the Table: Maryland and Multistate Employers Must Be Mindful of Pay Transparency Laws Affecting the Hiring Process and Employee Conduct

By: Melissa Calhoon Jones
December 6, 2023
EMPLOYER ALERT: “Pay transparency” laws have been adopted in many states and have different requirements for employer job postings, wage range disclosure, use of salary history, and record-keeping, and often protect employees’ discussion of their pay with others. These requirements apply... Read more >

Twilight of the Non-Compete? What Employers Need To Know and Do About Increasing Federal and State Efforts To Ban or Limit Non-Competition Agreements

By: Melissa Calhoon Jones
November 2, 2023
EMPLOYER ALERT: Employers relying on non-competition provisions to protect their business interests should pay close attention to rapidly evolving laws at the state and federal levels that could effectively eliminate most existing and future non-compete agreements. Until and unless a nation... Read more >