COVID-19 UPDATE: Governor Hogan Revises Order Regarding Large Gatherings and Events to a Stay-at-Home Order

Originally posted:  March 17, 2020

UPDATED:  March 30, 2020

Governor Hogan has again revised his order to now prohibit "large gatherings and events" of more than 10 people, at all locations and venues in Maryland and puts in place "stay-at-home" order effective 8:00 p.m. on March 30, 2020 until he terminates the state of emergency or rescinds, supersedes, amends, or revises his order. 

An earlier order closed restaurants and bars, except for carry-out, drive-thru, or home delivery.  Also closed are fitness centers, health clubs, health spas, gyms, aquatic centers, and self-defense schools; such facilities that provide licensed child care services may continue to provide child care services.  The revised order, a copy of which is attached, provides that a person who knowingly and willfully violates his order is guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on conviction, is subject to imprisonment not exceeding one year or a fine not exceeding $5,000, or both.  Each law enforcement officer of the State of Maryland or a political subdivision can enforce the order.

For more information regarding coronavirus for Maryland businesses, go to  If you have specific questions regarding your business operations, please contact Emerson L. Dorsey, Jr., chair of the business department, or any other member of Tydings’ business department.

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