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Physician Practice Roll-Ups

By: Barry Weiskopf
July 18, 2018
Ever evolving, the practice of medicine is generally thought to be carried out through practitioners, their practices, and hospitals.  Venture capitalists are a relatively recent addition who have influenced the field by increasing the number of physician practice “roll-ups.”  An amorp... Read more >

Sexual Harassment Disclosure - Employee Rights and Employer Obligations

By: Melissa Calhoon Jones
July 9, 2018
A new Maryland law taking effect October 1, 2018, invalidates employment contracts, policies, or agreements that would waive an employee’s rights or remedies in connection with future claims of sexual harassment or retaliation for raising such claims. The “Disclosure of Sexual Harassment in t... Read more >

Appeals Court Authorizes Injunctive Relief Against Nursing Facilities

By: Ferrier R. Stillman
May 31, 2018
In State of Maryland v. Neiswanger Management Services, LLC, et al., the Court of Appeals of Maryland was recently asked to decide whether the Attorney General has authority to seek injunctive relief against a nursing facility pursuant to two different provisions of the Patient’s Bill of Rights, a... Read more >

2018 Maryland General Assembly - Health Law Update

By: Gregory M. Garrett and Ferrier R. Stillman
May 11, 2018
2018 MARYLAND GENERAL ASSEMBLY HEALTH LAW UPDATE The 438th Session of the Maryland General Assembly concluded April 9, 2018.  Of the approximate 3,127 bills and resolutions considered by the General Assembly, 889 bills and 3 resolutions passed both chambers.  Among them and highlig... Read more >

More Information on the Maryland Earned Sick and Safe Leave Law

By: Melissa Calhoon Jones
March 5, 2018
DLLR has issued a draft notice posting for Maryland employers regarding employee rights under Maryland’s new paid sick and safe leave law, which took effect on February 11, 2018.  The poster is available here and should be posted in the same location where employers post other state and ... Read more >

Federal Government Scales Back on Fines for Nursing Homes

By: Ferrier R. Stillman and Gregory M. Garrett
February 19, 2018
Maryland has more than 200 licensed nursing homes.  Although the number of nursing home complaints nationwide increased by 33 percent from 2011 to 2015, there was only a 7 percent increase in Maryland.  However, according to data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), M... Read more >